АЙПЛ Консалтинг (IPL Consulting) is Infor Silver Channel Partner since 2011.

АЙПЛ Консалтинг (IPL Consulting) was founded in 2009 by professionals in management consulting and implementation of information systems. We specialize in Infor solutions and have a great experience with them.

АЙПЛ Консалтинг (IPL Consulting) is a team of professionals with deep knowledge of industry, which allows us to provide management consulting services of the highest level. Our experts have over 20 years experience of working with Infor LN (Baan) solution.

АЙПЛ Консалтинг (IPL Consulting) main activities:

  • Development and implementation of business processes based on best industry reference models. Projects are implemented on the basis of ERP system Infor LN (Baan), using industry-specific solutions for enterprises with discrete manufacturing;
  • Building an integrated performance management solution based on Infor d/EPM. Creating solutions for business planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation and business analysis in midsize and large companies in various industries;
  • Development and implementation Supply Chain Management processes, using LEAN principles and tools for production and logistics, corporate centralization of supply functions and classification and coding systems;
  • Creating solutions for automation of distribution centers based on Infor SCM WM.