Информация о проекте BOSAL:

    Since the company was founded in 1923, BOSAL has had a long and impressive track record in the development, manufacturing and supply of automotive products to clients worldwide. BOSAL serves its customers with a global manufacturing footprint, stretching from South Africa to Russia, from Brazil to China and from Europe to North America. Global presence of owned R&D centers is complimented with a global partnership network of industry partners, as well as research and educational institutions. Manufacturing and distribution centers are strategically positioned to cover the footprint of BOSAL's global OE and aftermarket customers. With its global spread of R&D, manufacturing and distribution BOSAL has full capability to serve its global customers, meeting today’s requirements and actively introducing technologies for the future.


АЙПЛ Консалтинг (IPL Consulting) ведет внедрение на заводах в России (Нижний Новгород и Калуга) совместно с Дирекцией ИТ BOSAL (Бельгия).

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