Extend asset life and increase efficiency

Infor EAM is best-in-class asset management software that helps digitize and optimize maintenance operations to reach new levels of efficiency. This 21st-century solution is built in industry-specific editions to address unique industry challenges. Unlike niche solutions that simply can’t grow, or ERP add-on products that require extensive customization, Infor EAM is a purpose-built asset management software that's ready to scale and transform as organizations change and grow.


  • Maximize the reliability and performance of assets
  • Predict equipment failure and carry out preventative maintenance
  • Comply with strict legal and environmental regulations
  • Streamline purchasing and procurement
  • Track labor costs and reduce downtime

Maximizing maintenance productivity

Time is money. Improving the efficiency of maintenance processes and personnel is the surest way to turn maintenance from cost center to competitive differentiator. Infor EAM automates asset condition monitoring, incorporating innovative workflow, alert management, A.I., mobility, analytics, IoT, and drone technologies. Infor EAM consolidates all asset data into a single, integrated repository to help improve productivity—and profitability.

More about Infor EAM

The Large Hadron Collider is the largest and most complex machine ever built by mankind. We use Infor EAM for managing the materials and assets while they are being put into operation and production, and for the maintenance. We can do this with no modifications of the software, and with a basic support configuration.