Infor® OS is a cloud operating platform that seamlessly connects services to provide a robust integration framework and serve as the foundation of an entire business ecosystem. Infor OS brings business processes and artificial intelligence (AI) together to enable rapid application development and a common data strategy —all built using service-design principles in a unified experience that allows customers to be flexible and agile in the cloud.

Infor OS platform delivers technology that goes beyond enabling business and include:

Infor ION is the unifying platform to connect and manage your applications, Infor and non-Infor;

Are you spending too much valuable time—time that you really should be spending growing your business—on just trying to get your systems to work together?

Infor ION (Intelligent Open Network) is a powerful middleware to simplify software integration.

Infor ION Easily integrate Infor and third-party enterprise systems, while eliminating information silos with Infor Intelligent Open Network, Infor’s advanced middleware cloud platform. Infor ION provides the flexibility you need to make an often complex web of enterprise systems work together. It provides the long-term sustainability to optimize return on technology investments. With ION, one application can be upgraded, replaced, or even fail without taking the entire network down. Information is accessible in real-time, and system maintenance is less costly and complex.


Infor ION highlights:

  • Easily integrate both Infor and third-party software applications
  • Create workflows and alerts that dramatically improve exception management
  • Design, monitor, or change business processes without IT involvement
  • Connect applications to the events in your business process
  • Easily monitor your entire business


End users can monitor critical business issues, from sales opportunities to production problems, via mobile devices, while administrators can easily monitor and administer Infor ION applications.

Infor ION represents a new concept for business software that replaces traditional middleware solutions with a speedy, lightweight connective structure that adds new levels of intelligence and sophistication to existing business technology. It’s faster to implement, easier to use, and more economical to operate than any middleware-only solution. It also adds a powerful, unified combination of contextual business intelligence, common reporting and analysis, streamlined workflow, and business monitoring, all delivered within a single, consistent architecture.

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Infor Ming.le is a collaboration portal with contextual analytics, all on one platform;

Infor Ming.le build a centralized space for team collaboration, business process improvement and contextual analytics.

With Infor Ming.le™ you’ll be equipped to capture vital corporate knowledge, speed response times, and stop reinventing the wheel. It lets you get work done in ways you never thought possible.

Fully embedded within ERP, financials, and other organisational systems, this platform also enables single-sign on for all Infor CloudSuite™ solutions. Ming.le also allows users to create personalised homepages that are tailored to their jobs.

Infor Ming.le is the intelligent portal to your application suite, establishing a common workflow and organising conversations into enterprise-wide streams. Employees can share key screens, data and attachments for reducing procedural processes.


With Infor Ming.le, employees across all areas of your business
can communicate and collaborate—sharing information
such as documents, plans, photos, videos, and more—in a
centralized location, with real-time updates that are stored and
easily searchable.




Infor Ming.le™ Highlights:

  • Delivers analytical data based on users' priorities.
  • Provides automatic alerts and notifications.
  • Allows users to create personalised homepages and streamline processes.
  • Supports single sign-on across applications.
  • Embeds collaboration within enterprise systems.


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Infor Homepages help to personalize home pages with information from multiple applications;

You can use Infor Homepages to create personalized home pages with information from multiple ERPs and other systems in one place. You can set up a page that is tailored to your needs by combining and configuring widgets. Homepages has a Widget Catalog containing widgets from each application that runs in Infor Ming.le.

Infor Document Management is the central document storage, with the ability to link them to applications objects;

Infor Document Management (IDM) allows users to attach, view, edit, download and control the flow of electronic documents around the business enterprise, at the same time, share any document with other members of staff or business partner as may be appropriate, all the while retain security and control of those important documents

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Infor Business Vault is the central ‘storage area’ for critical business data;

Business Vault is an operational data store that collects, stores, and manages information published to ION to help improve decision making and business insight. It cans also get data via extractions from data sources by BV Data Warehouse Designer.

Infor Business Vault provides a single, optimized repository for the data generated by your transactional systems. A secure reservoir for transaction data from multiple business systems gives you an easy way to mine your data for more flexible, powerful reporting, business intelligence, and analytics

Infor API is a technology that allows third-party applications to access corporate system data.

Infor Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are routines that validate records, display record related information, and create or update files in the Infor database.