Configurable business process modeling within Infor LN helps enterprises to manage the most complex order-to-cash, design-to-production, and procure-to-pay processes. With Infor LN you also get a business solution designed to support your unique processes, from executive decision-making to the most detailed engineering requirements. In addition, Infor innovative technology brings you new levels of usability and connectivity, so that you’re ready to grow your business profitably and adapt to change quickly.

The result of years of development investment and focus on core industries, Infor LN delivers the deepest industry functionality available, including sophisticated capabilities you simply won't find in other solutions, including:

  • Manufacturing control to increase operational efficiency and respond to market changes
  • Enterprise and supply chain planning to create lean, demand-driven supply networks
  • Global financial management to predict financial results with confidence
  • Customer relationship management to maximize your market opportunity
  • Sales and configuration order management to meet individual customer demands
  • Sourcing and procurement to control inventory and optimize resource utilization
  • Project management to provide powerful project and activity management
  • Quality management to give you control, consistency, and predictability
  • Service management to help you become a service-centric business
  • Engineering data management to manage information from design through manufacture
  • Dynamic enterprise modeling to improve business productivity, customer service, and manufacturing productivity
  • Sales and configuration order management to meet individual customer demands

As a result, you need fewer modifications to get more control and clearer information to make better decisions.


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