With Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM) you get an integrated suite of financial performance management applications, packaged analytics, and compliance tools that operate across the complex web of your enterprise systems to deliver a real-time, single version of the truth.



Infor d/EPM suite includes:

  • Analytics which gives you ability to transform information into actionable insights, to get a real-time view of performance across your business, speed decision making, and unlock the potential of siloed data between your enterprise applications
  • Financial Performance Management helps you to transform your planning, budgeting, strategy management, and financial consolidation functions from processes that simply support your business to strategic activities capable of driving it
  • Compliance - Identifies, defines and monitors for risks and controls. Automates testing, tracks results and trends, exposes exceptions and violations and enables you to investigate and take action


Infor d/EPM collects real-time data from your source applications and translates it into business insights delivered through a fully integrated solution suite with a common user interface


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