Infor Supply Chain Execution is the first single execution solution that combines warehouse management, labor management, transportation management, and 3PL billing in a unified solution with a common user interface. It combines and unites all of your supply chain technology into a single, streamlined execution system so that it runs like a single, well-tuned machine, not just a batch of unrelated segments.

Warehouse Management
Infor SCM WM solution automates and streamlines every facet of warehousing and distribution operations, including:

  • Appointment and dock door scheduling
  • Receiving
  • Storage (putaway)
  • Cross-docking
  • Order processing
  • Carrier rating, routing, optimization, and wave planning
  • Picking
  • Shipping
  • Inventory control


You can also configure Infor SCM to support advanced functions such as RF and voice support, system directed forward pick replenishment, multiple date code tracking, serial number tracking and advanced kitting.

Labor management
You can direct, track, measure, and report on all labor-related activities within your operation within Infor10 Supply Chain Execution’s powerful assortment of tools to drive and monitor labor efficiencies , including:

  • Labor planning and forecasting
  • Task dispatch strategies to direct and prioritize warehouse work
  • Task queue monitoring and management
  • Time and attendance, operational activity monitoring, and performance reporting
  • Individual and group-level performance tracking versus standards

Third Party Logistics (3PL) firms and people who need to track operating costs by division need the rich, fully integrated 3PL Billing features in SCE. You’ll be able to bill your customers more quickly and accurately with the built-in reporting features in Infor SCE.
Transportation management
Over the course of 20 years, Infor has perfected the most powerful transportation planning algorithms anywhere. With shipment carrier tendering, carrier communications, carrier rating, and shipment optimization fully integrated into a world-class warehouse management solution, you get a system that delivers all the power you need in a single, unified application.

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